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Smart Projects Plan Pro

We have created a solution aimed at optimizing project management and based on a system for capturing, managing and displaying information for business processes. We incorporate control panels or interactive Dashboards that allow dynamic reports with a deep level of detail.


Improve productivity by capturing, generating, analyzing and visualizing your business information.



- Integrated Management Control System

- Information display in detail

- Update "real time"

- Integration of audio, video, text, data, photos

- Geolocation of Information.

- Deployment from the Macro to the Micro.

- Access to information according to profile privileges.

- Information Unification.

- Automation of reports and presentations and "High Level" reports.

- Storage in the cloud according to volume of information.


Includes all features +

80 Hours of Implementation + 20 Hours of Monthly Support

Monthly Fee: 1440 USD

Smart Projects Plan Pro

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